Our non-profit association has several goals :

  • the promotion of the use of drones by public safety agencies in all countries
  • the development sharing experiences, feedbacks and informations between emergency UAS teams
  • the improvement of emergency UAV pilots training course level and safety
  • the research and development, the testing of new technologies about drones
  • the collaboration into international or European projects in using drones during disasters.


During a trip around the UK meeting fire & rescue drone teams in april 2018, Lieutenant Vendelin Clicques, a French firefighter, realised that it was difficult to exchange between experts without moving. With the feeling that each emergency drone team was testing tactics or payloads on their own, in order to create more exchanges, the idea was born of an international organisation for gathering public safety UAS experts and pilots from all around the world. So he went to a number of experts from fire services, police and humanitarian organisations to create a team. Then, from a common thinking and team work, came the name of IEDO, then a logo, social medias and a website.